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Tobacco Crossroads

Triangle – Triad Songwriters Gather ‘Round

Two master guitar pickers, an Irish storytelling siren, and a Southern sawbending rocker will share the stage in the first Triangle Meets Triad in the Round at  Carrboro’s Cat’s Cradle Back Room on July 16 at 8:00 PM.

Durham blues and Americana artist, Jon Shain, will host the Bluebird Cafe style songwriters round.  Known for his gritty vocals, and Piedmont Blues guitar picking, Shain fronts the Jon Shain Trio and is featured in the NC Music Love Army compilation. Recently, Jon has been collaborating with IBMA award winning songwriter, Joe Newberry.  Jon will dig into his deep repertoire and introduce new songs from his upcoming record.

Sam Frazier was one of the collaborators for Greensboro College’s, The Healing Blues Project, benefiting the Interactive Resource Center. The project’s concept was to team up local Blues musicians as songwriters with homeless storytellers to create a 15 song CD about daily life on the streets of Greensboro.  Although no stranger to social and philanthropic causes, this unique project is one of his personal favorites. Inspired by his homeless storyteller Ryan L., here is Sam performing I Wait from the HBP.

As one of the Triad’s award-winning writers, Molly McGinn’s use of strong imagery captures an audience during her live performances. Molly’s smoky voice will draw the listener into a comfortable slumber while her lyrics gently burns like an addicting lover.  Her 2014 release of Postcards from the Dismal Swamp was one of my favorite releases of 2014.  Listen to Postcards from the Dismal Swamp here.

Frazier and McGinn often play together around their Greensboro hometown, where they support several social justice causes through their live and recording appearances. For Shain and Frazier, this series is the beginning of a new musical partnership.

Melissa Swingle (Trailer Bride, the Moaners) is no stranger to the Triangle scene. Originally from Mississippi, Swingle arrived during the hey day of the 90s Chapel Hill scene. She continues to bring her Deep South influence with a dive bar edge to her devoted cult fans. Some of her solo work reminds me of Nico from the Velvet Underground. Here is Melissa performing Arrowheads.

Who: Jon Shain, Molly McGinn, Sam Frazier, Melissa Swingle
Where: Cat’s Cradle Back Room
When: July 16, 2015  Time:  Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm
Cost:  $10 Adv / $12 DOS
Event Link: Triangle Meets Triad Songwriters Round

For fans of John Prine, Merle Travis, Velvet Underground, Amelia’s Mechanics, Bonnie Raitt, John Dee Holeman, Guiness, Sarcasm

Videos of the Week

Well, we might as well keep riding this Frazier / Shain carousel. With less than 10 minutes of rehearsal at Doodad Farm’s John Prine tribute, these two put together a grand finale style set that inspired the Triangle – Triad songwriter showcase.

Carousel of Love by John Prine

The Glory of True Love by John Prine

New Releases

The Sprinter – The Old Ceremony

The Old Ceremony celebrates the release of their fifth  record, The Sprinter, with a two night event at the Cat’s Cradle Back Room. Known for their eccentric arrangements, front fella, Django Haskins, expanded the band’s musical influences to include some of Haskins’ recent collaborations from his recent Big Star tribute shows.

Recorded and produced by Mitch Easter at the Fidelitorium Recordings (Alejandro Escovedo, The Avett Brothers, REM), Haskins’ reached out to his Big Star tribute pals Chris Stamey (dBs) for special arrangements and Mike Mills (REM) to add guest vocals to two tracks.

Their first single from The Sprinter, The Magic Hour, is a dark sensual cut with a message about love. REM’s bassist, Mike Mills, provides more layers of harmonies   Check out the  The Magic Hour.

Who: The Old Ceremony
Where: Cat’s Cradle Back Room
When: July 17 and 18, 2015  Time:  Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm
Cost:  $18
Event Link: The Old Ceremony “Sprinter” Record Release Show

GR8PICKS of the Week

July 12 – 16 Amy, Amy Winehouse Documentary
July 14, 2015 Robert Earl Keen – Saxapahaw
July 15 Ballet Folklorica Cutumba

Planning Ahead

August 1 Shugie Otis w Greg Humphreys Trio
August 10 Lauryn Hill 
August 29 Shakori Hills Stars in the Round

GR8MUSICROX’S Guide to Successful Shakori-ing

Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival Time

shakorihdrlogo1April 17-April 20

A repost

True Story.

He showed up at my door wearing a nice lavender polo shirt, a sweater wrapped around his neck, freshly pressed Dockers, and Italian loafers.

“Shakori Hills Time!” He said with his nervous “eager to please (me) I hope Gr8 thinks I’m cool” smile.

While he looked rather dapper, I knew that I could not let him show up to Shakori dressed for a day of civil discourse while sipping on a mint julep on the verandah.  This is Shakori Hills. It’s NC’s haven for musical survivalists. I asked if he had any other clothes with him and picked out an alternate outfit from his gym bag.

Shakori Hills – Getting it Right

You might feel the urge to feed your  love for live music by attending Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival for the first time.  That’s great news. The festival offers a multi-genre musical sampling of artists, bands, and DJs from NY to Florida, as well as showcases our own local offerings.

However, if you plan to come in from the big city to the beautiful grounds of Shakori Hills, allow me to pass on a few tips. Shakori tips.

First, Shakori Hills doesn’t have crazy strict rules except no pets, where you camp, and no open alcohol containers.

No Pets. It needs mention again.

No judgment. Shakori is a place where you can express yourself as you wish. I have sang or danced with hippies, pirates, the Chicken Man, hipsters, fairies, hula hoopers, kids, the Easter Bunny, staff, and artists. I just love the variety of people that come to Shakori.

What to Bring: Pack like you are day camping or on a picnic. DEET strength mosquito and tick repellent. Flashlight or headlamp will come in handy when you have to use the PortaJohn at night. Sanitizer. Wipes. Chairs. Umbrellas. Blanket. Coffee Cup. Water bottle.

Picnics Welcome.

BYOB or buy there. No Glass, cans, or plastic. Must be poured in a cup.

Water is good there. Bring empty water bottle. They do not sell water. 

FOOD: The Veggie Thing from the Sugar Shack. Food is good and affordable.

Keep away from the perimeter. Ticks abound.

Consider bringing a change of clothes and shoes. If it rains or you decide to sleep off the fun from the Beer and Dance Tents, you’ll appreciate it.

ALLERGIES / ASTHMA: It can get smoky from the campfires and drum circles.

DRINKING AND DRIVING. Don’t even think about it. The Sheriff and HWP stake out the exit and follow the cars that leave the grounds. I am not kidding. I have seen them pursue six cars in a row by parking in a staggered formation, then they picked off festival goers before they even made it to 87.

These guys know how to run a festival. Read the information on the website.


Who Should You See?

The magic of Shakori (to me) is exploring bands and artists I don’t know. I tend to start with them first.

This year’s national artists include the Del McCoury band, Ben Sollee Indigo Girls, Jim Lauderdale, and event hosts, Donna the Buffalo.


A few I’ll be checking out include Jim Lauderdale, the Greg Humprheys Trio, the Jon Shain Trio, DJ Yogi, Rising Appalachia, Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba, Shamu Garcon, Afrobeta, Baloji & L’Orchestra de la Katuba, Cortadito, Miami vinyl DJ Richard McVay.

The one I do NOT want to miss is Bubba Norwood, who was Ike and Tina Turner’s drummer. He’s featured as a Music Maker artist during the yearly revue. That’s one of my fave Shakori offerings.

The program includes excellent bios on each artist, workshop, and contests.

Full Schedule: Don’t forget to check out the Front Porch Workshops, Drum Circles, Art, Hula Hooping Workshops, Seminars, and more.


Artists Bios: http://shakorihillsgrassroots.org/festival/performers-spring-2014


Rally Song for the Moral


June 25, 2013 Durham, NC –

Django Haskins, front man of Yep Roc’s The Old Ceremony, is hardly known as a radical soap box touting artist. Off stage the soft spoken Haskins is more comfortable sharing his favorite authors or latest read than he is promoting his own work. However, the reluctant rocker recently participated in the Moral Monday Rally and Protests hosted by the NAACP of North Carolina.

Beginning as prayer vigils, the Moral Monday gatherings took a historic turn when disabled people, college students, veterans, clergy, physicians, historians, elderly, teachers, retirees, artists, and the unemployed engaged in civil disobedience and refused to leave the Legislative Building as ordered by security.
Thousands of North Carolinians from around the state participate in the weekly themed rallies. They come to protest the State’s refusal of Federal funding for Medicaid affecting 500,000 people, changes to the voting laws including rolling back early voting and voter ID requirements, domestic energy jobs bill lifting the environmental protection barriers that safeguard water quality, elimination of the extended unemployment payments for 70,000 unemployed workers, and the transfer of public school funding to private school via vouchers.

Each week the NAACP of North Carolina requests an audience with legislative leadership and Governor McCrory. Response from the Governor and GOP leadership has been the equivalent of school yard bullies, referring to the protestors and rally as “aging hippies”, “outsiders”, “illegal activities”, and “Moron Mondays”. The most disturbing response is that of Art Pope’s Civitas Institute website using the arrestees public information as an online game. If a high school student did the same thing, they could be expelled for cyber bullying.

To date, over 600 have been arrested for misdemeanor trespassing and loud singing.

When I asked Django what particular issue(s) inspired him to join the rally events, he replied, “The litany is so ridiculous I can’t possibly choose one. It was the overwhelming avalanche of regressive legislation that did it.”

So our soft spoken but reluctant rocker turns to his super power of witty prose with a new song, “We Are Not For Sale”. Haskins invites you to learn and sing the song with his permission. I invite you to record and post your performance right here on GR8MUSICROX.

It’s easy, short, in the People’s key, and I’m feeling the high and lonesome on this one.
Peace y’all.

Published on Jun 24, 2013
Django Haskins of The Old Ceremony has a message for the NC general assembly and the Art Popes of the world.


“We Are Not For Sale” by Django Haskins

| G | C G |
you can buy yourself an office in the capitol
| G | D7 |
enjoy it while you can
| G | C G |
cause faith and love and charity are much more powerful
| G D7 | G |
than greed or spite, my friend

| G | C G |
you can auction our clean water to the frackers, but you know
| G | D7 |
you’ll need water too
| G G7 | C G |
you can wish your way back to the days of old jim crow
| G D7 | G |
but we won’t follow you

| G | G G7 |
no we are not for sale
| C | G |
we are not for sale
| G B7 | C |
if you think that you can silence us you’ll need a bigger jail
| G D7 | G7 |
cause we are not for sale

you can buy yourself a mansion down on granville drive
or try to buy a university
you can buy yourself a navy but you can’t turn back the tide
cause you do not own me

no we are not for sale
we are not for sale
if you think that you can silence us you’ll need a bigger jail
cause we are not for sale
no we are not for sale