GR8MUSICROX’S January Calendar & GR8PICKS

When you live in a culturally rich and diverse area as central North Carolina, there is no “winter break”. Lots to do, see, hear, and participate in. I vetted through all of the venues. The calendar is jam packed. Enjoy.


1/17 – 3/14 Art History: Survey Course Italian Baroque: Art as Theater

1/17 Blu Bop – Bela Fleck Tribute featuring Hank Smith – Carrboro

1/17 Art Reception – The Light by Saba Barnard – Durham

1/18 Gangstagrass – Carrboro

1/21 Shana Tucker & Eric Hirsh Duo – Raleigh

1/24 Catie Curtis – Durham

1/25 Love’s Infrastructure w Bombadil and Puppet Show – Durham

1/25 & 1/26 Guitar Workshop with Jon Shain, Danny Gotham, Lightnin’ Wells

1/25 Debonzo Brothers EP Release – Raleigh

1/30 Nikki Hill – Chapel Hill

1/31 Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Raleigh



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