Record Store Day and Mount Moriah

Happy Record Store Day Everyone!

Every year local record stores celebrate their very existence with in-store concerts, give aways, and the release of new records.  To find out what your local record store is doing take a look at this website:

Just choose North Carolina in the drop down box and you will be be armed with all of the goodness that is happening in our awesome record shops. 


Mount Moriah – April 15th tonight at Cat’s Cradle, Chapel Hill FREE SHOW! 

We in the Chapel Hill – Carrboro, Durham, and Raleigh, otherwise known as the Triangle Area, are celebrating the release the of the new Mount Moriah record called…Mount Moriah. 

There’s a signature sound that we have here among the Carolina artists. On this record, it included the haunting accompaniment of Ryan Gustafson’s guitar work and James Wallace’s keyboards blended with Jenks Miller and Heather McEntires’s pop folk harmonies that is as familiar to me as the trails along the Eno River.

In their March Paste Magazine interview, Heather and Jenks shared about the complexities and influence of the conservative South and how they came to terms with those issues to create this record.  It’s an issue progressive Southerners struggle with. How do we preserve what we love about the South while we hyper-evolve our region towards inclusive diversity?

Heather’s angelic voice and reflective material conveys an edgy message using her inner punk spirit but delivers it in a familiar Southern yet modern voice. In “Reckoning”, I smell sweet Carolina jasmine but I also hear the crushing of a PBR thrown into the back of a truck bed while driving past the small churches on State Road 54.  Oh, to be a modern child of the South.

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